Drop Forged Steel Bar Cutter

Drop Forged Steel Bar Cutter

The whole brand new COPKO reinforcing steel bar cutter is made of Drop-Forged steel. This cutter is the most suitable for construction industrial use.

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Drop Forged Steel Bar cutter 50N/22

(Drop Forged Steel Bar cutter 50N/32)

COPKO BAR CUTTER Model 50N/22, 50N/28, 50N/32

กรรไกรตัดเหล็กเส้น  à¸à¸£à¸£à¹„กรตัดเหล็กเส้น

Pic: Forged Bar Cutter with handle

Outstanding quality features:

Model Bar Cutter
Bar Cutter
Bar Cutter
Tensile Strength 45 kp/mm2 45 kp/mm2 45 kp/mm2
65,000 p.s.i. 65,000 p.s.i. 65,000 p.s.i.
Round 20 mm. 25 mm. 32 mm.
7/8 inch 1 3/32 inch 1 1/4 inch
Square 20 mm. 24 mm. 26 mm.
25/32 inch 15/16 inch 1 inch
Flat 35 x 10 mm.
40 x 16 mm.
45 x 16 mm.
1 3/8 x 3/8 inch 1 9/16 x 5/8 inch 1 3/4 x 5/8 inch
Size of blade Length 35 mm. Length 45 mm. Length 50 mm.
Thickness 10 mm. Thickness 15 mm. Thickness 15 mm.
Approx. weight 13 kgs. 29 kgs. 39 kgs.
    • The body, gear lever and gear body of the bar cutter are made of high carbon steel and formed by “Forging”.
    • The COPKO bar cutter is equipped with a particularly sturdy gear lever transmission transmitting the force directly to the shear part.
    • For keeping the path of the hand lever as short as possible when cutting thin as well as thick reinforcing bars and for reducing the power requirements, the shearing jaw clearance of the T50N Series are adjustable. The lever located on the left hand side of the bar cutter is for setting the shearing jaw clearance to the thickness to be cut.
    • The hand lever of the bar cutter T50N Series, in basic position, is secured by a retaining spring to prevent accidental falling down.
    • The bar cutter 50N Series are equipped with high quality blade from Bohler, Germany. The blade has two cutting edges. The steel quality of the blade is such that any kind of reinforcing bars can be cut.
    • The model 50N/22 has 2 adjustable shearing, and model 50N/28, 50N/32 have 3 adjustable shearing jaw clearances which can be easily set to the thickness to be cut by means of the lever located on the left side of the cutter.
ใบมีดกรรไกรตัดเหล็ก 50N/22 ใบมีดกรรไกรตัดเหล็ก 50N/28 ใบมีดกรรไกรตัดเหล็ก 50N/32
Spare Blades No.50N/22
Spare Blades No.50N/28 

 Spare Blades No.50N/32


  • Very economical and labour saving job-site equipment, indispensable modern building technology.

กรรไกรตัดเหล็ก รุ่นฟอร์จ 50N/28  à¸à¸£à¸£à¹„กรตัดเหล็ก รุ่นฟอร์จ 50N/28  

Drop Forged Steel Bar Cutter 50N/28

กรรไกรตัดเหล็ก รุ่นฟอร์จ T50N/32

Drop Forged Steel Bar Cutter 50N/32