COPKO Hand Operated Plate Bar and Section Steel Shearing Machine

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COPKO Hand Operated Plate Share
Bar and Section Steel Shearing Machine

COPKO Shearing Machine Model 3S/5R & 3S/6R

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Model 3S/5R & 3S/6R Plate & Steel Shears are designed for a wide field of applications. Light and easy efficient operation, yet very sturdy in construction.

  • The formed body is made of open-hearth SM steel plates.
  • The cutting blades fitted are carefully and accurately ground to give easy, clean quick cuts free of burrs even after using for long time.
  • These special features help the operators save a great deal of their energy.

Subject to design alteration for improvement.
This shearing machine is equipped with a  well design toggle-lever power transmission, strong hold-down and lever retaining spring which prevents hand lever from falling and also acts as a counter balance for the dead weight of the lever.

กรรไกรตัดเหล็กแผ่น เหล็กแบน 3S/6R


Model Model 3S/5R Model 3S/6R Model 3S/4L
Tensile Strength of 45 kp/mm2 45 kp/mm2 45 kp/mm2
SHEETS 5 mm. 6 mm. 4 mm.
3/16 inch 1/4 inch 5/32 inch
FLAT 70 x 6 mm. 70 x 7 mm. 70 x 7 mm.
2 3/4 x 1/4 inch 2 3/4 x 9/32 inch 3 3/4 x 9/32 inch
ROUND 10 mm. 13 mm. 13 mm.
7/16 inch 1/2 inch 1/2 inch
 Blade Length 160 mm. 200 mm. 300 mm.
6 1/4 inch 8 inch 12 inch
Net Weight 9 kgs. 20 kgs. 27 kgs.